Thursday, May 12, 2005

Patriotism? Hardly.

Somehow sport seems to inspire more misguided patriotism than most other things. Fortunately it never gets serious enough to be a matter of life and death. Here (corrected link now works) is a piece I wrote on Cricinfo about the madness surrounding the search for India's new coach.


Anonymous karthik said...

I find english county results in the link you have provided...though the sidebars indicate that your story had been then there sometime :-)

8:11 am  
Blogger sanchapanzo said...

I think our next coach should be 'Greg Chappel'!

Reason why 'Greg Chappel' should be preferred:
i. Sourov's wants it that way!

If India wins or loses, the blame entirely falls on Sourov and no one else.(certainly, not the coach). If Sourov has some many things at stake, then Sourov should be allowed to make the choice!

6:06 pm  
Blogger Neon said...

Mohinder Amarnath does not seem to be a very good canditate for the coaching job. Wouldn't mind Desmond Haynes beong the coach though. What with the world cup in west indies.

1:37 pm  
Anonymous VIP said...

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Blogger Kathy R. said...

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